Classroom test

The classroom test is an examination taken through a computer.

Requirements: A classroom test consists of three parts.
  1. Design the test.
  2. Take the test.
  3. Check the test results.

Step 1, design the test

Start with a question list as the base of the test. Enter the questions as usual, or open an existing list from file.

Open the 'Design a test' window.
Choose from the menu [File][Classroom test][Design a test]. The design window appears.

Enter the details of the test, like title, topic and the name of your school.
This information is shown during the exam.

Select the ask type, the order in which questions must appear and the number of questions you want to ask.

Ask: Same use as the normal test. If you change this option the list will change immediately.
Order: Choose the order of the questions. Random order makes the test unique for every student. The list shows an example of the order.
Selection: Choose how many questions will be in the test. If this value is lower than the total number of questions, every student gets a different subset.

Choose 'Save test' to create the designed digital test.
The window with the save options pops up.

Choose two passwords. The teacher password is exclusive for your own use, to check the results. The second password is for the students, to open the test.
This student password must be communicated right before the test is taken.

You can save the test in two different ways.
  1. Online test
  2. Network test

Online test

The online test is saved on the internet. An internet connection is required. Use this option is you don't have access to the network or if you want to examine students on different locations.
The online test uses a test code. You get this when you press OK. Remember this code, you need this for the examination (step 2) and for checking the results (step 3).

Network test

The network test is a file (.t2kt). The student results will be saved to your network, instead of the internet.
Specify the network location all students have write access too.
Ask the system administrator if you are unsure about this.

The file that will be saved (.t2kt) is the source students need to open in order to make the test.

Saving can take a while, because of the encryption that takes place.

Prevent surprises, test step 2!

Step 2, take the test

If the students took place behind their computers ready to take the test the following needs to be done: Students can navigate between questions with the track bar. Remarks about a question or other comments can be entered on the first page.

The window will resize to full screen and an indicator of the time remaining will be visible. The test closes if the time is over or is the student entered all the answers and presses 'Close'.

The test will be saved to the network location entered in step 1.

Step 3, check the test results

If the students have finished the test, the results can be checked.

Choose from the menu [File][Classroom test][Check test results].
The 'Check classroom test' window will be visible, where you need to enter the secret teacher password. Choose ‘Open student answers’ in order to open one or more answer files.

In case of an online test you need the test code you received after saving the test (step 1).
In case of a network test you have to open the student files (.t2ks) manually.
Tip: open more files at once by holding the CTRL key down while selecting more files.

A file with the answers from the students looks typically like this:

The list on the left side of the window contains the individual test results, along with the name of the student and his/her score.

If you select one of the students in the list, the questions will be visible on the right side, along with the correct answers and the given answers.
If needed, change the check type to ignore case for example.
Examinate each wrong answer and change the points for this question if you want. The score for this student changes immediately.
At the column ‘Comment’ you can enter a little info for the student.


For the network test there are two file types involved:
  1. The test (t2kt).
  2. The answers of the students (t2ks).
Both these files are encrypted and can be decrypted only by the person that knows the teacher password. If students have access to these files it can be no harm, because of the encryption.

If students know the student password, they have access to the questions. It can be convenient to have more versions of the test (t2kt) with different student passwords if students need to do the test at different times.

If the network is unavailable when the test needs to be saved the test will be saved in the temp folder. Your system administrator can help you recovering the answer files.