Teach2000 has many options. Open the preferences window by choosing [Settings][Preferences].

The preferences screen is displayed, with four categories.



Your language: Select your language.

It is possible to let Teach2000 check for an update once in a while. Enable or disable this at 'Periodically check for update'.
Check now: Check if an update is available.

Function keys definition: Program the characters behind the function keys.


Back-up overwritten lists to Recycle Bin: When you save your file, the old version will be overwritten. It is possible to get the old version back, by checking the recycle bin. To turn this feature off, uncheck this option. More: Back-up files.

Remember last folder used: Make the last active folder, the new active folder after a restart.

Insert file: Show source file in remarks: Add the name of the source file in the column 'Remarks' when lists are merged.

Number of recently opened files: Teach remembers the most recently opened documents. Enter a value from 0 to 10.


Duration to display right answer: If your answer is wrong, the correct answer will be shown for a short period. Entering a value of 0 (do not show correct answer) is possible.

Move question forward if answer is empty: If you don't know the answer, it is possible to move it further in the test, to answer it later.

Display question number: Hide/show the number of the question.

Custom sound played after answer: You want a new sound? Use your own!

Number of questions in 'Top 10 problem questions': The number of questions included in the selection with the same name.

Number of random test questions: The number of questions included in the test selection 'Random selection of 10 questions'.

Number of correct questions to mark question as known: The number used for the selection of the test 'Leave questions already memorized'.

Norm: The percentage of answers that must be answered correctly for a sufficient grade. Some courses use the 60% norm, others the 80% norm.

Grading system: Select the grading system used in your country. If yours is not there, please contact us with a detailed description of the system of your country, so we can include the system.

Smileys shown while testing: Customize Teach2000 with a different smile set, or include your own!


File associations: In the setup Teach2000 files (.t2k) and DrillAssistant files (.ohw/.oh4) are associated with Teach2000.
Change these associations here.

The configuration of the proxy server is described here.