Open lists from a website

Beware, this chapter is for wizzkids/html programmers only!

Teach2000 documents can be linked to from a(n) (intranet) website with the url protocol t2kp.

Publish lists on your site and test them on

Lists can be published in a web form, so questions can be edited before testing them on the Vocatrain website:

In html code:

<form action="" method="POST">
<textarea name="list_plain" rows="10" cols="60" wrap="off">
les douze mois = the twelve months { Put extra remarks here }
janvier        = January
février        = February
mars           = March
avril          = April
mai            = May
juin           = June
juillet        = July
août           = August
septembre      = September
octobre        = October
novembre       = November
décembre       = December
<input type="submit" value="Test these questions">

Documents on the world wide web (internet)

On a website, you can link to Teach2000 documents:

Link: <a href="t2kp://">document</a>

Watch out! The full domain must be included in the href! And for sub domains, also "http" must be included:

Link: <a href="t2kp://">document</a>

To make the link work, the URL Protocol t2kp must be registered on your machine. This happens automatically when Teach2000 is installed. Of course, Teach2000 must have access to the internet in order to download the linked document.

Documents on intranet

A link to a document on a logical drive is written like this:

Link: <a href="t2kp://C:\Program Files\Teach2000\Examples\Document.t2k">document</a>

If you click on this link, and the file C:\Program Files\Teach2000\Examples\Document.t2k exists, this file is opened in Teach2000.

Because it is not always possible to use the full path, it is also possible to use only the name of the file:

Link: <a href="t2kp://Document.t2k">document</a>

But to make this work, the path must be known on the machine that starts Teach2000. A registry section is available for storing the path:


The first 'String Value' in combination with the file name to an existing file, will be opened in the software.

Documents on CD/DVD

If the Teach2000 documents are stored on a CD/DVD drive, it is not possible to include the drive.

Link: <a href="t2kp://teach_files\Document.t2k">document</a>

All available drives will be combined with the given location in the link (teach_files\Document.t2k), and will be tried in order to open the file.
After that:
And so on...


If Teach2000 is started with the t2kp protocol, and the referred document can't be found with one of the methods above, a dialog will be shown, to manually point to the location of the document.