Add pictures/movies

Use a picture or an animation to make the question more clear.

It is possible to add a picture in the simple mode and in the advanced input mode.
Advanced input mode:
Click the button Picture: Picture. A dialog appears.

Simple input mode:
Select the column 'Picture' in the final question list and click the button with the three dots.

The available options are Open, Clear and Preview.

Open Open: Select the image file.

Clear Clear: Clear the selected image file. The image itself will remain on disk!

Preview Preview: Display the selected picture.

The supported formats are: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, Windows metafiles and Enhanced metafiles.
You can select movie files as well. Select "All files *.*" in the open dialog.

The file name will be saved as 'absolute file name'. This means drive\folder\filename, e.g. 'C:\My Documents\question1.bmp'.
If the list has been saved before, it is possible to use a 'relative file name'.
This means the picture file name with respect to the location of the list to which it belongs e.g. 'question1.bmp'.
The advantage of using relative file names is that it is easier to move them along with the list they belong to.