Alternative questions and answers

The same answer can be formulated in different ways. For example, the French 'Excusez moi' can be translated with 'I beg your pardon', with the second, optional translation 'Sorry'.
Unfortunately these translations don't cover them all. Other options are 'Pardon me', 'I am sorry', 'Excuse me'.

On the other hand, if the test is English - French, the translation can be 'Excusez moi', 'Je vous demande pardon', etcetera. These extra translations can be added easily.

The 'advanced input mode' contains two extra buttons, 'Alternative questions' and 'Alternative answers'.
If you push one of these buttons a dialog box will appear where the alternatives can be entered.
A large list of synonyms is allowed. The alternatives will be accepted as correct answers.


It is possible to add synonyms during a test. After an answer that is in fact correct, but which was judged as wrong, click the button 'The last answer was not wrong'. The option to save this answer as an alternative answer will be presented.