Map quiz


Select in the advanced input mode the question type 'Map quiz'.
Open an image of a map by clicking the button 'Map'.
The map will be displayed if loading was successful.

Every Teach2000 file can contain only one map. Every map quiz question uses this map to show different locations.
The map can be a map of countries, cities, bicycle parts, human organs etc. Every graphical file format can be used for the map.

Select the location on the map with the mouse. A circle appears.

Click the map again to move the location.

The question is default 'What is the name of this place?', but this can be changed.

The name of the location (the answer) must be entered. The question can be saved.

Need maps for topography?

Look for TOPO in the installation folder: 'C:\Program Files\Teach2000\Topo'.

Need more maps for topography?

Open the website and choose a map. Select 'Export' and the format. You can use the image you create in Teach2000. Free of rights! If you find errors in the map you can correct them, like on Wikipedia.


If you have a map quiz question in the test, the map will be shown below the question.

Test question/answer:
The question is default: 'What is the name of this place?'. Enter the name of the place identified by a circle.

Test answer/question:
The question is: 'Click with your mouse on: Sweden'.

Click with the mouse on the map on the gray circle where Sweden is located.

Try the test type 'Multiple choice' too.

Is the map too small?

Select from the menu [View][Picture]. The map is shown in a separate window which you can resize.