Extra info

During the test it can be necessary to give extra information along with the question. This is possible with Teach2000.

Simple input mode

Comments can be put between curly brackets, after the answer. For example:

question = answer { Extra hint for this question }

If you have already moved the questions to the Final question list, you can enter hints by entering it in the column 'Remarks'.

Advanced input mode

Enter extra info in the advanced input mode in the field 'Remarks'.

Visible and invisible remarks

Hide the remark during the test? Prefix the remark with '/*':

This remark is visible /* and this is the hidden part.

Hidden comments can be used to enter the source of the question.

If the remark is an internet address (url), it will be displayed as an hyperlink. This link is clickable and leads to the web address.

question = answer { http://www.internet.com/moreinfo.html }