The second and most important part of Teach2000 is the test.

The test (quiz) will start directly after the tab 'Test' has been opened. You can give the answer to the first question.

The test stops if a setting is changed, if you go back to the Edit screen, or if all the questions have been answered.
It is possible to go back to the Edit screen, make a modification to a question, and continue the test. If your answer is wrong, the right answer is displayed, with the differences between them (spelling checker).
Colors: If you don't know the answer, ask for a hint. Choose from the menu [Help][Show hint].
If a hint is shown it will cost you bonus points. You can earn bonus points if your answer was wrong, but with small differences. Five bonus points are good for an extra correct answer.

The result of the test is displayed in the screen bottom-right. Move the borders to see the results better, or hide it.

If an answer contains multiple lines, and you want to make a new line, type [CTRL] + [Enter].

When the test is finished the result, in combination with previous results, will be shown in a chart.