Generate webpage

Do you have a website, and you want to generate quizzes for it? Convert your list to an on-line test!
In the menu, select [Edit], [Generate webpage].

Make a choice between one of the quizzes.

Give the site a title and fill in the other data, if you want.

On the bottom you can select a style.

To save the webpage, hit 'Generate'.

After that, the file must be uploaded to the internet.
You can use the free FileZilla for this job.

For webdesigners: Create your own style?

Create your own style (css) by modifying one of the available styles of Teach2000.
Find them in the installation folder C:\Program Files\Teach2000\HTML Templates.

If you add a style, it will be added to the list of styles.

Support for Unicode

If you check 'Include PHP UTF8 header', the page will be saved in UTF8 format. An extra (PHP) header will be added to the page. To make use of this option, the server must support PHP and the file must have the extension '.php'.

Most of the time the default encoding is iso-8859-1 (HTTP 1.1-default). It is better to change this default to UTF-8.