Customize Teach2000

Don’t like the default theme of Teach2000? Make your own improvements!
Have a great improvement? Send it to us and we can distribute it with the next version of Teach2000!

Texts of the application

In order to modify texts of the application you can edit the translation files. Or you can add your own translation. How? See here for details.

Multiple choice predefined lists

The predefined lists in the multiple choice input editor can be customized. Open the following file in Notepad or in an xml editor:
‘C:\Program Files\Teach2000\Translations\ ml_english.txt_questiontypes.xml’ where English can be replaced by your language.
This is a file with the predefined lists for multiple choices, multiple choices with more answers and grammar. Add new options if you like.


The smiles visible during the test can be modified. There are different sets available. Change the set in the settings window or with the context menu of the smile itself.
In order to add your own set you can do the following:

Indicators for the map quiz

The indicators used for the map quiz option can be modified like the smiles.

Space invaders

Add new themes to the space invaders game. Change wav files or images to make the game more exiting. The invaders can be modified as well.

Printer output

The printed documents are in html format. If you know how to write html, you can change the layout. The code %s represents text. The code %d represents a number.
The = symbol is in the html code replaced by an underscore (_). The % symbol is in the html code replaces by a pipe (|).

Generated website

The template for the generated website can be changed as well. The cascading style sheets are easy to modify, for a web developer. You can add new ones.
The template files for the html generation can also be modified.