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Teach2000 - Download

Release: Teach2000 8.53
Teach2000 is free, without ads or spyware.

There are two versions for Windows. A 'full version' and a version for your USB drive.
If you have a PocketPC or a Smartphone, you can try the miniTeach beta.
Download full version Full version (7.93 MB)
Not sure which one to download? Get this one!
Download or download or ZIP

To install Teach2000 on your USB drive, use this download:

Download USB drive version USB drive version (7.96 MB)
Take Teach2000 with you to school, your family or on vacation!
Download or download or ZIP


26 april 2017
Takover of miniTeach and vocatrain.com by YoungCapital

The websites vocatrain.com (woordjesleren.nl) and miniTeach were bought by YoungCapital, the company behind the website WRTS.nl. By this, the policy of vocatrain.com has been changed. From now on, opening tests from the website by Teach2000 is broken. Copy the tests from the website, and paste them into Teach2000, as a workaround.

June 22, 2013
Serbian translation

Vladimir Stojanović of The Plumelet Team created the translation of Teach2000 to Serbian. Download here.

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