Simple input mode

The simple input is very flexible. Enter the questions in the memo above. Start with the question (foreign word/sentence). Add a separation (=) and complete the line with the answer (translation).
Input can be copied from a different application.

The separation can be a different symbol than the default '='. To change it, change the separation in the combo box.

une = one
deux = two
trois = three

(The separation is '=')

If 'une' has two translations, you can enter this:
une = one; 1

Even more translations:
une = one; 1; One

Sometimes the question can have alternatives:
une; un = one; 1; One

Enter remarks?
Use curly brackets (braces):
question = answer { And here is my remark, visible during the test. }

Enter multiple-choice questions in the simple input? It is possible, but for this it is advisable to use the advanced input mode.
Use brackets and an asterisk for the right answer.
trois = (one)(two)(three*)

Multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer:
Bicycle brands from Amsterdam = (Fietsfabriek*)(WorkCycles*)(Nihola)

Grammar questions can be entered this way:
Be = (I=am)(you=are)(he/she=is)(we=are)

To complete the edit, click [Down]. The question will be transferred to the grid below. Time to start a test!

The words can be edited when they are down in the grid. Just select them with your mouse.

If the question or second answer is marked with the red word 'more', it means this word has synonyms.
To modify these, choose for 'edit alternative questions' in the pop-up dialogue or 'edit alternative answers'.

Sort the list by clicking on the header of the column.

It is possible to change the order of the questions, by dragging them with your mouse.

Use the pop-up menu to move the questions to the answers and vice versa. Or to make selections, or to find double questions/answers.