Teach2000 in 21 minutes

The first minute

When you start Teach2000 you’ll see a window with two white panels. The top panel is used to enter the questions.

First you enter the Swedish word, then the ‘=’ character followed by the translation of the word in English.
To enter special characters like ‘ä’, you open the Symbols window by clicking the Omega sign (Ω) in the toolbar.
This window can be used to enter all kinds of special characters like the German EsZett (Ringel-s).
If a word has two or more possible translations you can enter the words separated by a semi colon.
förlåt = sorry; excuse me
Questions can also be entered this way. Just separate the possible alternatives by using a semi colon.
hallå; hey = hello
When you are finished entering the questions you click the [Down] button.
If the questions are entered properly they will be moved from the top panel to the bottom panel. You are now ready to test the questions.

Next minute

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