Teach2000 in 21 minutes

The seventh minute

What do the test settings mean?


CompleteThis is the default 'Selection'. All questions appear in the test.
Previously made mistakesAll questions are included that were answered wrong once.
Make a selectionIt is possible to make a selection. This is used for small subsets of a big list. The selection screen will be displayed. To make a selection fast, use the arrow buttons and the space bar to select/unselect questions.
Top 10 problem questionsThe ten most difficult questions of the list. This number can be modified in the settings dialog.
Random selection of 10 questionsMake a real test, to see if you know the list well-enough. Teach2000 selects ten questions randomly.
Only newly added questionsIf you added questions to the test, you can practice them only by setting this option.
Leave questions you already memorizedIf a question has been answered correctly four times in a row, it won't appear in the test when this option is set.


Question-answerLike Swedish – English.
Answer-questionLike English - Swedish.
Both waysA mix of Question-answer and Answer-question.


Regular orderQuestions are presented in the same order in which they were entered. When questions are sorted, the questions are presented in that order.
Random orderQuestions are presented at random.
BackwardsQuestions are presented in reversed order. Sorting is taken into account here also.


Show as ScreensaverThe first step in the learning process. Just look at the questions and their answers.
NormalThe default test: plain question/answer questions.
PuzzleThe answer is shredded by a meat grinder. It is your job to solve the puzzle!
Multiple-choiceTo start memorizing the list, it is recommended to start with a multiple-choice quiz. You can click on the right answer with your mouse. Teach2000 has two types of multiple-choice questions. One that selects similar answers and one that selects random answers.
Flashcard QuizIt is easier to do a flashcard quiz. The question is shown and you must try to find the answer. Typing it is not important now. To cancel the quiz press 'Cancel'.
Writing TestAnother type of test is 'dictation'. The answer is shown for a number of seconds, and you have to copy it.
Space InvadersTry the game Space Invaders.
Method 'The English Teacher'This is the most difficult type of test. Every wrong key pressed, immediately leads to a wrong answer. In this way it is not possible to learn wrong prepositions, for example.


Interval training (Paul Pimsleur)According to linguistics, an interval training (Spaced repetition) is the best way to memorize a list.
Repeat errorsRepeat questions that were answered incorrect until they are answered correctly. Questions that were answered incorrectly will be placed at the end of the list.
RepeatRepeat the test over-and-over.
No repetitionPresent the questions only once, regardless of the answer.


ExactThe given answer must be an exact match to the answer in the list. This is the tightest form of control.
Ignore caseThe use of uppercase / lowercase in the given answer are not taken into account when determining the correctness of the answer.
Ignore punctuation marksThe use of punctuation marks in the given answer is not taken into account when determining the correctness of the answer.
Ignore word orderThe word order of the given answer is not taken into account.
Ignore numbersNumbers are not taken into account.
Ignore accentsAccents are not taken into account.
Ignore spacesSpaces are not taken into account.
Ignore text between bracketsThe text between brackets is not taken into account.

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